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Sunday, December 26, 2010

10 Reasons to become a Scientist

by Eric Isaacs, director of Center for Nanoscale Materials at U.S. Department of Energy Argonne National Lab. Argonne is U.S's first national laboratory which was built as part of the Manhattan Project; the first atomic bomb was built here. Isaacs is also a professor at University of Chicago.

Comments on the top 10 points:
10. Work for eminent organizations- I haven't yet, but soon I hope!
9. Famous and Respected- Atleast from whatever scientific community you are part of. Although it's sometimes appalling to see how a member of one scientific community can be so bashful toward a member from another.
8. Patriotic - Don't really care for this point too much
7. Sandals to Work- Well, not if you live in Canada! :(
6. Interesting and Challenging Work- This is true. Side note; He just bashed accountants. Ouch.
5. Travel and Make Friends all over the world- This is true. I'm just in my undergrad, and science took me to Turkey last summer. It was amazing
4. Learn things noone ever knew or created.
3. Pay is great.- This depends, ofcourse. I mean I hope the pay is great.
2. You get to work with really smart and motivated people- This is slightly intimidating, but I think it's one of the only things that keeps me motivated all the time to keep learning.
1. You make the world better- Fuzzy feelings.

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